Why Print Books Will Stick Around

E-books are a wonderful tool for any reader. They’re an easy way to store thousands of books in a small digital device, saving readers the hassle of lugging around multiple books while on the go or traveling. Even despite that, many readers still prefer print books. There are certain unique benefits to owning a print book that an electronic device will never be able to duplicate, no matter how advanced the technology gets. Print books are here to stay, and below we detail the five reasons why.

1. Books Are Beautiful Works of Art

No one has ever bought a collection of digital readers to place on a shelf to display. There is no such thing as a “coffee table tablet.” Books are beautiful works of art, and adding them to a bookshelf, coffee table, or elsewhere adds a touch of class, sophistication, and charm to your home. Books have dynamic colors, designs, and purposes, making them a great addition to any home decor.

2. You Can Give Your Favorite Books to Friends

There is a sense of community to books that is simply not present in e-books. The sense of community and friendship you feel when you share a treasured book with a friend or family member cannot be understated. It allows people in your life to flip through the very same pages that you flipped through, and experience the book in the same way that you have.

3. Books Let You Take a Walk Down Memory Lane

Books are a living history textbook, allowing you to hop into a time machine and transport yourself back to the last time you read it. If on page 52 you have a large coffee stain, maybe you remember exactly where and when that stain occurred. Maybe you stumble upon some hand-written annotations that you scribbled down a decade ago. Maybe a sibling or parent wrote a personal note to themselves or a loved one in the book. Regardless of the details, a book allows you to take a walk down memory lane and relive the past.

4. Books Tell Anyone Who Visits Your Home a Lot About Who You Are

Few things can tell you more about an individual than a glimpse of their bookshelf. In just a moment, you can get a deep and lasting impression of who an individual is based on what books they choose to display in their home. While there are various online platforms in which you can list your favorite books, nothing compares to trying to quickly read through all of the titles stuffed into a friend’s bookshelf.

5. Books Are a Tactile, Physical Experience

We increasingly live our lives online, as our media, work, and friendships are increasingly becoming digital. That is the beauty of a book. Your subscription to a print book never expires, you are not tethered by a WiFi signal, and you do not need to worry about recharging the battery. Your hand gets to feel the weathered pages and take in that unique book smell. A book can slowly become a cherished companion that accompanies you wherever life takes you. There is something to be said about having a tactile experience, feeling a connection to the work through a sense of touch.

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Print books are going nowhere. Readers around the world are adamant that when push comes to shove, they would prefer to hold a print book in their hands as they read rather than staring at another digital screen.


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