Why Great Product Packaging Improves the Customer Experience

paAnyone who has worked in retail knows the importance of the customer experience. From the second a customer walks into your store to the time they arrive back at their home, you need to do everything possible to optimize every aspect of their interactions with your brand. If you are able to connect and engage with your customers, you may be able to create loyal customers who will return to your store for future purchases.

One simple and easy way to make a good impression on a customer is with great product packaging. Too often, product packaging is an overlooked component of the customer experience, but by putting time and thought into the packaging, you can make your brand stand out! 

Packaging Can Help Establish Your Brand

If you want to build loyal customers, you need to make sure they understand what your brand is all about. Established brands like Amazon, Apple, and Chipotle put time and thought into every stage of the customer buying process, so much so that customers learn what to expect from those companies at any given time. Build your brand and establish what you stand for with distinct packaging that is easily identifiable and memorable. 

Show You Care

Nowadays, people are more socially conscious than ever before. Show your customers you care by using environmentally friendly packaging, and make sure to tout the benefits of the packaging during the unboxing process. This is a great way to appeal to potential customers, allowing them to shop at your store and have peace of mind knowing you are not contributing to our carbon footprint.  

Make it Easy on the Customer

Everyone has felt the searing frustration and anger that comes with impossible to open packaging. You unsuccessfully rip at it, pull at it, and even try to cut it with scissors, but nothing you do seems to work. This is an example of a company creating a poor customer experience, as it is only natural for the customer to have a negative impression of your business and brand. Make opening any package as straightforward as possible, eliminating any unnecessary struggle or difficulties.

Turn Your Packaging Into a YouTube Star!

It may be easy to scoff at “unboxing” videos. However, the reality is that if an unboxing video goes viral, you can see a huge influx of customers and sales. Create aesthetically pleasing product packaging that records well on camera and you may find that your product quickly becomes a YouTube star!

Design Custom Product Packaging at L+L Printers in San Diego

The benefits of designing packaging that enhance the customer experience are clear, so what are you waiting for? L+L Printers in San Diego specializes in custom package printing, helping businesses throughout Southern California establish their brand and build customer loyalty. If you are looking to overhaul your packaging, we will help guide you through every step of the process.


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