Why Direct Mail is Essential for Casino Marketing

A casino needs repeat customers in order to be successful. While other businesses rely on foot traffic and first-time customers, most casinos need dedicated and loyal customers who return to game time and time again. There are a lot of different methods to build a devoted casino customer base, but one of the most effective ways to do so is with direct mail marketing campaigns.

Direct mail should be an essential part of any casino’s marketing strategy, and retaining customers is just one of them. Below, learn more about all of the benefits of a direct mail marketing campaign for a casino.

1. Use Player’s Club Data to Target Repeat Customers

If your casino has a Player’s Club, you should be leveraging that data to encourage customers to come back to your casino. The Player’s Club gives you a treasure trove of information, allowing you to learn more about your customers’ gaming habits. With this information, you can create ultra-targeted campaigns that directly align with your customer’s interests.

For example, you can use the data to create a mailing list for customers who love blackjack. That way, if you have a blackjack tournament, a new type of blackjack game, or great blackjack bonuses, you can immediately send out a targeted direct mail campaign to that mailing list, and expect to see great results.

2. Direct Mail Gives You Great Bang for Your Buck

Direct mail gets a much higher response rate than online marketing and email campaigns. There is something about having a tangible piece of mail in your hand that makes customers much more likely to take action, especially when compared to a digital campaign. While digital marketing can be cheaper than direct mail, when you analyze the cost of a conversion, direct mail can end up being a better value.

3. You Can Explain Promotions and Bonuses

Casinos often offer promotions and bonuses to customers, giving customers easy ways to make more money and win big! However, most of these promotions and bonuses can be a bit complicated to explain. Casino promotions are much more complex than a simple “buy one get one free” promotion that is popular with restaurants and retail stores. Most promotions require some kind of minimum spend by a customer, as well as other prerequisites to hit in order to collect the bonus. Direct mail marketing campaigns give you the space you need to thoroughly explain every detail of your promotion and bonus structure.

4. Successfully Reach Older Customers

While plenty of younger individuals are online and regularly check their email, there are large groups of people who only occasionally go online. This can especially be true for older individuals, and if a casino only has a digital marketing campaign, they miss out on reaching older potential customers. Older individuals tend to make up a large part of the casino community, as a recent study found that nearly 30% of all gamblers are over the age of 55. If you fail to send out direct mail marketing, your casino can be missing out on attracting a crucial customer base.

5. Use QR Codes to Direct Customers to an Online Landing Page

QR codes allow you to easily direct customers to an online landing page that is specifically targeted to their needs. All customers need to do is open their smartphone camera and hover over the QR code, and they will then be given the option to access a specific website. The website can offer additional information, ask customers to enter contact information, or link to a marketing video. Regardless of your goals, a QR code and landing page is a great way to leverage direct mail marketing to get customers to your website.

Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns for Casinos at L+L Printers

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