Web Storefront

Enhance operational efficiency with our 24/7 online storefront offering seamless ordering, customization, and fulfillment of both print and digital marketing assets. L+L Printers oversees more than 200 storefronts for our valued clients.

Our Web Storefront Solutions

Brand Management: Preserve your brand integrity by specifying customization parameters for marketing content.

  • Custom Marketing Materials: Empower global sales and marketing teams with access to customizable templates, ensuring consistency with your brand message.
  • Personalization Capabilities: Forge personal connections with customers by incorporating personalized content and imagery into marketing collateral, regardless of their location.
  • Centralized Asset Management: Simplify asset accessibility by consolidating all marketing materials within a single portal, facilitating streamlined ordering processes.
  • Automated Marketing Workflows: Optimize productivity by automating marketing, creative, fulfillment, distribution, and approval procedures, reducing time-consuming manual tasks.
  • Cost Efficiency: Realize cost savings through automated processes, streamlined workflows, and decreased waste from obsolete collateral.
  • Accelerated Production: Minimize errors and expedite time-to-market by facilitating swift collaboration, review, and approval processes.
  • Access Control: Tailor access privileges with configurable user profiles, pre-populate marketing templates, and assign approval permissions to ensure content governance and compliance.

A Case Study on Seamless Rewards Program Fulfillment with L+L Printers: 

Skincare Product Manufacturer

 A skincare product manufacturer launched a rewards program where their customers earn points to redeem towards free products. They needed a vendor to inventory their products and receive and fulfill orders from their rewards app. L+L Printers worked closely with their developers to integrate with their app to deliver orders directly into our MIS system. We store their products in a refrigerated, secured area and fulfill 100+ orders daily.

A Case Study of Optimizing Logistics with L+L Printers: 

Biotech Company

A large biotech company attends multiple tradeshows per year. Their tradeshow kit includes numerous brochures, catalogs, giveaway items such as pens and notepads, a laptop, and a tablecloth, all in a large shipping container. The marketing department was trying to manage the kits’ shipping, return, and maintenance internally with little success, and approached L+L Printers for a solution.

L+L Printers inventories the tradeshow kits in our secure facility and creates a web portal where the tradeshow kits are ordered. When a kit is ordered L+L ships it including a shipping label for its return. When the kit is returned from the event, our fulfillment experts verify that all items have been returned. Distributed items such as brochures, catalogs, pens, and notepads are replenished to a predetermined inventory level. The laptop is reset and reformatted to bring it to baseline. The tablecloth is sent out for laundering and returned to the kit ready to be shipped to the next event. 

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