Variable Data Printing – How it Benefits Your Business



Everyday you and your customers are exposed to every type of marketing imaginable. With so much information out there you need a way to stand out from the competition. The solution is Variable Data Printing (VDP). VDP allows you to individually personalize each message you send with information specific to each recipient, such as names and pictures.

  • Name/Salutaion
  • Promotions/Discount Offers
  • Specific QR Codes
  • Images/Graphics
  • Contact Information
  • Text
  • Personalized URLS
  • Adresses
  • Higher Return on Investment
  • Stronger engagement for customers
  • Increase customer loyalty & repeat business
  • Brand awareness
  • Stand out from your competition and be remembered

Typical response rates for VDP campaigns are over 3% for direct sales and over 7% for fundraising campaigns. Compared to full static campaigns VDP averages 50% greater response rates.

L+L Companies can help with all your direct mail needs. Check out these USPS facts, and contact us about helping you ship your marketing materials today.

  • 7,753 letter carriers deliver mail entirely on foot daily.


  • The Postal Service uses more than 8,500 pieces of automated processing equipment to sort nearly half of the world’s mail.


  • The lowest post office is in Death Valley, CA – 282 feet below sea level.

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