Using B2B Print Advertising To Compliment Your Digital Campaigns

If you are starting a B2B marketing campaign for your brand or business, you need to do everything possible to spread the word. While many think you need to choose either a print or digital advertising campaign, the truth of the matter is that a combination of the two is the most effective way to attract new customers. A B2B print advertising campaign needs to work in concert with your digital campaign, combining each campaign’s strengths to cover up any weaknesses. If you are unsure how to use B2B print advertising to compliment your digital campaign, read this guide on how to maximize your return on investment.

1. Create Landing Pages for Print Ads

One great way to combine your digital and print campaigns is to have print advertisements take interested customers to a digital landing page. For example, if you send potential customers a printed mailer advertising your product, you want to make sure there is a clear call to action that sends the customer to a dedicated landing page. This landing page should be designed so that it mimics the aesthetic of the mailer, creating a cohesive marketing message. The print ad is to get the individual’s attention, and the landing page provides them with the information they need to make a purchase.

2. Use QR Codes

QR codes make it simple and easy to navigate a potential customer from a print ad directly to your digital campaign. A QR code is a generated graphic that can be easily printed out, and all an individual needs to do is point their smartphone’s camera at the graphic and they will be taken to a predetermined URL. Not only will this get more people to interact with your digital marketing campaign, but QR codes also allow for detailed tracking so you can determine just how successful your print ads are.

3. Use Social Media to Build Your Mailing List

If you can build a large following on social media, you can easily bolster your print advertising mailing list. All you need to do is have some kind of giveaway or sweepstakes on your social accounts, and ask individuals to include their mailing addresses. If the campaign is successful, you can then convert all entries into a mailing list, as long as you get the permission of each individual. This will help you grow your mailing list and hopefully yield the contact information of people who are truly interested in your brand or service.

4. Get Digital Feedback to Make Print Marketing More Effective

It is very easy to fill out a survey online. All you need to do is click the mouse a few times and you are able to instantly give feedback to any brand or company. If you mailed the same survey to an individual, it is much more of a hassle to send it back. You have to pull out a pen, fill out the survey, and then mail it back to the interested party. Therefore, a digital marketing campaign is a great way to get information on the public perception of your brand and print advertising campaign. You can easily get real-time feedback on how effective your print campaign is via an online survey.

B2B Print Advertising Campaign with L+L Printers in San Diego

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