Use Print Marketing To Increase Church Engagement

Use Print Marketing To Increase Church Engagement by L+L Printers

If you are running a church, your goal is to spread the word to as many believers as possible. While many would not associate marketing with churches, congregations try to do everything they can to increase attendance and membership. Print marketing is one of the most effective ways to increase church engagement, bring your message to the masses. Read on to learn more about how print marketing can increase church engagement.

1. Print Informative Brochures

A tried and true method to spread the message of your church is with brochures. Brochures can be used for a variety of reasons, such as increasing attendance, promoting youth groups, or advertising a special event. Brochures can combine images and text to create a compelling message that can reach a wide and diverse audience.

2. Door Hangers

While going door to door may be going out of style, that does not mean you should stop using grassroots marketing methods. One great alternative to knocking on doors is posting door hangers. Door hangers are custom printed marketing materials that can easily be hung on any door, allowing you to spread your message throughout an entire neighborhood without bothering a single homeowner.

3. Direct Mail Newsletters

Keep the community updated on the latest happenings at your church with a newsletter. Not only can a community newsletter alert individuals of upcoming events, but it also can be a powerful advertising and marketing tool. Pack your newsletter with engaging and enticing content, and send it as a direct mailer to your target audience.

4. Postcards

Another great direct mail marketing strategy is sending out postcards. Pick a powerful image and send it out to the community. Regardless of whether your postcard features religious iconography, a picture of your church, or a beautiful landscape, it is a great way to connect with interested individuals.

5. Custom Stickers

It can be tough to attract young people to a church. However, custom stickers are a great way to generate some buzz in the neighborhood. Print dynamic and exciting stickers that advertise your church, and hand them out to interested individuals. Hopefully, they will then put the stickers on their laptops, water bottles, and in other locations to spread the good word.

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If you are looking to increase your church attendance or want to generate some buzz in the neighborhood, L+L Printers can design and print high-quality marketing materials to help you accomplish your goals. We have been printing professional marketing materials at our San Diego location for over 60 years, and we are ready to take your church to the next level! To learn more about how to use print marketing to increase church engagement or to get a quote for a custom print job, contact L+L Printers in San Diego today by calling (760) 477-0321..


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