Top 5 Ideas For Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor advertising is a great way to make a potential customer walking down the street stop in their tracks. If you can create an engaging and enticing outdoor advertisement, you may just be able to convert a random passerby into a loyal customer. 

There is a seemingly endless array of outdoor advertisement options, but it is important to be selective and only choose a methodology that works best for your business and brand. Below, you can find five of the best ideas for outdoor advertising, hopefully giving you ideas on how to take your business to the next level!

1. Billboards

Billboards have been attracting customers for centuries, and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! Billboards remain an incredibly popular form of outdoor advertising because they continue to get results. Billboards placed selectively in high-traffic areas can attract hundreds (if not thousands) of eyeballs each and every day, providing a huge return on investment.

2. Retail Advertising

Retail advertising is another highly effective form of outdoor advertising, as it allows businesses to target customers who already have shown a propensity to spend. Retail advertising is when an ad is placed in an area in which other purchasing decisions are made, such as a mall, store, or elevator. The idea behind these advertisements is that anyone who goes to a mall is likely already interested in making a purchase, therefore, they would be more easily swayed to make an additional purchase.

3. Car Wraps

Car wraps are a very unique form of outdoor advertising, as it allows your ad to cover a huge amount of ground in a relatively short amount of time. A car wrap is when you put a thin layer of vinyl over an entire car, and the vinyl showcases some kind of custom advertisement for a business or brand. Unlike the above forms of outdoor advertising, car wraps are mobile, meaning you can drive the advertisement to any location or neighborhood you so choose in order to maximize your exposure. If you are trying to advertise a local business, wrapping your car and driving around town is a great way to attract potential customers.

4. Construction Advertising

If you have ever seen a construction site, you have likely noticed the abundance of scaffolding and tarps needed at all times. You should see construction sites as a unique opportunity to advertise your business, as all of that tarp and scaffolding offers a prime location for a well-placed advertisement. If you are targeting an urban neighborhood, be on the lookout for construction projects and pounce at the opportunity. 

5. Point of Sale

If you are able to attract a customer into your place of business and they wish to make a purchase, jump at the opportunity to maximize your profit with a point of sale advertisement. A point of sale ad is placed at the cash register (or wherever customers make a purchase), and the goal is to sway people to make one last impulsive purchasing decision. A great example of this is supermarkets routinely placing candy bars right near the point of sale, hoping that you will grab one at the very last minute.

Custom Outdoor Advertisements in San Diego at L+L Printers

A properly constructed outdoor advertisement can work wonders, bringing in new customers and increasing your sales. However, creating an effective outdoor advertisement is an art form, and that is why you should consult with an expert to help you design the perfect ad. 

L+L Printers in San Diego specializes in designing and printing outdoor ads, using our 60 years of expertise to create an ad that is engaging and enticing. If you are interested in creating an outdoor advertising campaign, we can help devise the ideal approach for your brand.

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