The Best Print Marketing Tips To Raise Funds For Nonprofits

The Best Print Marketing Tips To Raise Funds For Nonprofits by L+L Printers

Few things can be as fulfilling as working for a nonprofit organization. Dedicating your time and energy to a worthy cause can lead to an incredible sense of spiritual and emotional fulfillment. One of the most important parts of working at a nonprofit is raising the funds needed to truly make a difference. There are a variety of strategies to raise funds for a nonprofit, but one of the best and most effective is print marketing. Below you can find the best print marketing tips to raise funds for nonprofits. 

1. Send Your Supporters Postcards

A great way to both show your appreciation and ask for more support is by sending custom postcards to your supporters. Pick an engaging and interesting image that is somewhat related to your cause, and feature the photo on the front of the postcard. On the back, thank the individual for their continued support, and possibly ask them if they would be willing to make another donation.

2. Print a Business Card

Many who work for nonprofits tend to avoid printing a business card, but failing to have a business card can mean missing out on a lot of opportunities to raise funds. In many situations, raising funds for a nonprofit comes down to networking and meeting as many new people as possible. When networking, it is important to have a business card you can hand to potentially interested individuals. That way, a new donation can be only a phone call away. When you meet somebody, they may not be willing to make a donation right then and there, but they may be interested at some point in the future.

3. Design Informative Brochures

Provide potential supporters with all of the information they need to understand your cause and the nonprofit’s mission with a brochure. Combine text and colorful images to tell interested individuals the nonprofit’s goal. Sometimes it can be difficult to fully comprehend a cause without a visual aid to really make everything clear.

4. Greeting Cards on Special Occasions

Build a strong relationship with supporters by reaching out on special occasions such as on their birthday or on Christmas. If you are able to build a longstanding relationship with a supporter, they are more likely to respond to pleads for donations and help out your nonprofit in times of need. Print out custom greeting cards and send them to supporters on their birthday, showing how much you care. You also should send out greeting cards on major holidays such as Christmas, Easter, the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and/or Valentine’s Day.

5. Print Custom Merchandise

Raise awareness and reward loyal supporters with custom merchandise featuring your nonprofit’s logo and branding. If an individual donates a certain amount of money to your cause, reward them with a custom t-shirt, bag, or another piece of merchandise. Not only will this make the supporter feel more appreciated for donating, but it will also help raise awareness whenever they wear or use the merchandise.

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