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Offset Printing

Print, in the hands of a consumer, imparts a physical experience where their mind and senses are stimulated, speaking to clients and customers like no other media can. From marketing pieces, business cards, and signage to catalogs, the opportunities are endless. Through print, L+L Printers strives to effectively provide and deliver tangible solutions to promote your products and services to your clientele.


In addition to traditional screening, we also are committed to high-quality printing using stochastic screening. Stochastic screening differs from traditional line screening because it uses microns instead of a rosette pattern. Using our 20-micron stochastic screening, we are able to produce a brighter, more vibrant piece with a higher image quality.


Touchkote, also known as “Soft Touch” aqueous coating, is a water-based coating that leaves your printed piece with a soft, velvet-like feel. Similar to a gloss or satin aqueous coating, Touchkote provides a protective coating with a matte finish and a superb feel.


L+L Printers is capable of printing on up to .040 pt card stock with inline aqueous coatings (gloss, satin, matte, and Touchkote)