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Marketing Solutions

L+L Printers has a variety of marketing solutions to complement and enhance your marketing campaigns. We have the ability to implement personalized solutions by utilizing a wide range of strategies, tools, and ever-changing technologies. We are continually evolving to produce a greater return on investment for your business.

MAM, also known as web-to-print (W2P), benefits corporations by spreading the cost of purchasing across the entire organization. Anyone can purchase at any time and brand control is assured by centralizing assets. Pre-approved templates ensure adherence to corporate standards and inventories can be monitored and replenished automatically when they fall below predetermined levels.
VDP is the power to personalize the message to the recipient. Anything in your database can become the message from the recipient’s name and hometown, to images of their favorite sport or vacation destination. Typical response rates for VDP campaigns range from over 3% for direct sales to over 7% for fundraising campaigns. VDP campaigns provide, on average, a 1.5 times greater response than static campaigns.
1 to 1 is a customer relationship management strategy emphasizing personalized interactions with customers. We can customize your printed piece on a person-by-person basis. This personalization can foster greater customer loyalty and better return on marketing investment.
QRCs are smartphone-readable, 2-dimensional barcodes, which can store phone numbers, URLs, e-mail addresses, and virtually any other alphanumeric data. Users with smartphones equipped with appropriate reader software can scan the QRC and the content is delivered to their mobile device.
PURLs capture the consumer’s attention by presenting them with a website customized to their interest and needs. Analytics are detailed and instantaneous; you immediately know who has visited their PURLS.
Doc4D takes normal document software and adds a new dimension to it. Data4D enables enhanced data management to go along with the document composition. We have skilled programmers on staff capable of creating dynamic software applications, customized to your company’s unique needs.

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