Make It Digital


At L+L Companies our motto is, “never a drop in quality.” We strive to bring you the highest quality result no matter what your print job may be. Keeping this in mind L+L Printers stands out from the other guys with our HP Indigo digital presses.

Our HP Indigo presses not only stand out for their quality, but they also add something special to bring your digital print job to the next level, Digital Special Effects.

Digital Special Effects add value to your marketing piece, a little extra touch that makes you stand out from the competition. Digital Effects are done on the press inline, creating stunning results and generating greater impact.

Three of the Digital Effects offered by L+L are Digital Water Mark, Digital Emboss and Raised Ink.


Digital Water Mark:

Using a layer of transparent ink Digital Watermark creates a special imageIMG_7534 comparable to a spot varnish. Digital Watermark effects are treated like spot colors in your favorite design program. Any artwork or text filled with this spot color will get the effect of your choice applied to it. The effect works best on solid dark backgrounds.


Digital Emboss:

            Digital Emboss eliminates the need for special embossing dies and allows for short run embossing. A digital mold is created on the press using layers of yellow ink. Digital Emboss creates an effect that leaves a lasting impression, appealing to your customer’s sense of touch.


Raised Ink:

    IMG_7540    Multiple layers of transparent ink, creating images raised up to 50 microns from the sheet. Similar to thermography, Raised Ink creates impactful tactile and visual effects




Digital Special Effects takes your marketing piece from common to extraordinary. For more information on Digital Effects contact your L+L Account Representative.


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