How to Use Memes in Your Advertising & Marketing Mix

Over the last decade, memes have exploded in popularity. While memes may have started as a niche form of entertainment for a small population of individuals who spend most of their time online, it has transformed into an important facet of mainstream popular culture.

Memes have also become a key part of any business’s online marketing strategy. If you are looking to attract new customers to your brand, memes are an entertaining way to introduce new people to your business. So what exactly is a meme, and how can you use memes in your advertising and marketing mix?

What is a Meme?

The definition of a “meme” has evolved and changed over time, and you may get a different answer based on who you ask. Basically, there are two different ways to think about a meme.

  1. A meme can be seen as a general way to classify anything that is passed from one individual to another online, usually resulting in the content trending. It can be a funny picture, video, or even written work that spreads rapidly online.
  2. A meme can also be classified as an image with bold text, usually capitalized and in white, that can be easily shared online. 

How to Use Memes to Advertise Your Brand

Now you know what a meme is, but how can you use it to attract new customers to your brand? Below are a few things to consider if you are planning on using memes as part of your advertising and marketing strategy.

Analyze Your Audience

Memes are not for everyone. Most meme fans are people who spend a lot of time online, which typically means a younger individual. If your target audience consists of mostly older individuals or people who do not interact much with pop culture or internet culture, then you may want to shy away from memes.

Does the Meme Match Your Brand?

Memes usually aim to be humorous, using sarcasm or satire to make a funny joke. Therefore, you need to consider whether or not humor is the right tone for your business. For example, if you are a dentist, you likely do not want to feature a meme about how much people hate going to the dentist. 

Could the Meme Be Offensive?

Before posting a meme, make sure to thoroughly screen it to make sure it is not offensive. Make sure you ask the opinion of a few different people from different demographics. Sometimes, the sarcasm or sense of humor in a meme can be distorted and viewed in a different light by different people. Protect yourself from scandal by making sure it can not be seen as offensive.

Create a Custom Meme

Once you have considered all of the above factors, it is time to create your meme! Instead of using a preexisting meme, it is usually best to create a custom meme that best matches your brand and business. There are a number of meme generators online, and all you have to do is upload a photo and type in the text, and the website will make a perfect meme!

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