How To Get More Clients For A Lawn Care Business

How To Get More Clients For A Lawn Care Business by L+L Printers 

Nothing screams “The American Dream” more than a fresh green lawn. The image of a white picket fence would be incomplete without a gorgeous lawn behind it, ready for a happy family to frolic on. If you work in the landscaping business, you are probably all too aware of how amazing a fresh new lawn can be, but the key to finding success is passing this message along to potential customers. So how can you get more clients for your lawn care business? Below you can find 4 great strategies to market your landscaping business to the masses.

1. Direct Mail Marketing With Custom Postcards

Direct mail marketing is a great way to spread information about your business and potentially attract new customers. Many businesses struggle with what to put on their mailers, but if you work in the landscaping business it should be fairly simple. Show off your product! Send out postcards featuring a vibrant green lawn, the kind of lawn that makes you want to just plop down on the grass and look at the clouds. Use a crisp, high-quality image on the front of the postcard, and a brief call to action on the back, imploring the recipient to contact your business to get the lawn of their dreams.

2. Door Hangers

Print detailed and engaging door hangers that advertise your business. Then, pick a few target neighborhoods and hang the marketing material from the doors of every house in the neighborhood. Chances are you will get a few interested parties. If you want to get even more specific, only place door hangers on the front door of houses that do not currently have a front lawn.

3. Show Off Your Best Work With Custom Yard Signs

If you have a few lawns that you are particularly proud of, make sure the neighborhood and anyone who walks by is aware of who is responsible for the masterpiece you have cultivated. Plant custom yard signs onto front lawns that have a gigantic amount of gorgeous green grass, staking a claim to your territory and providing a simple and straightforward advertisement to anyone walking by. Let your work do the talking!

4. Print Custom Brochures

Clearly lay out all your business has to offer with custom brochures. Include plenty of big and bold pictures of successful lawns, making it clear what your customers can expect from your work. Some other things you might want to include in a brochure include a “Frequently Asked Questions” section, contact information, testimonials and reviews, and all of the services you offer. A brochure is your chance to offer potential customers all of the information they will need to make an informed decision.

Get More Landscaping Clients in San Diego With L+L Printers

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