How to Design Effective Trade Show Graphics

For some businesses, trade shows are the best way to generate new leads, make business connections, and seal deals with other companies. A huge part of a trade show is having effective and eye-catching trade show graphics. At any trade show, there are a multitude of other businesses that are all competing for the eyes and minds of attendees. That is why you need to generate trade show banners, backdrops, signage, placards, pop-up displays, and other graphics that set you apart from the crowd.

So what makes for effective trade show graphics, and how do you design those graphics? L+L Printers is a San Diego print company that specializes in making trade show graphics, and below they explain the key factors that make trade show graphics effects. 

Make Sure Your Brand is Front and Center

The key to effective trade show graphics is to make sure any passerby can quickly and easily identify your company’s brand. The best, brightest, and most beautiful graphics are ultimately ineffective if they don’t successfully convey what your company specializes in and what your brand represents. 

Trade Show Graphics Should Reflect Your Company’s Personality

Make sure your graphics provide the appropriate tone and mood. Think about the product your company offers, and whether the tone should be friendly, serious, edgy, or a combination of factors.


For example, if there was a trade show for TV shows, the graphics for Game of Thrones would look a lot different than the graphics for Friends. If Game of Thrones had a booth that featured graphics that had all of the characters smiling and laughing, and Friends had graphics with all of the characters scowling while shirtless and holding various weapons, the tone of the graphics would not accurately portray the tone of the TV shows. This is your chance to make a first impression on potential customers and clients, so make sure the graphics reflect what your company is all about.

Keep Your Target Audience in Mind

Who is the target audience for your product? The graphics you design for a trade show should be tailored for that audience. The graphics that would appeal to a 14-year-old girl and a 50-year-old man are completely different. Once you identify your intended target audience, you should create trade show graphics with this audience specifically in mind. 

Create Graphics With Color Contrast for Easy Viewing

Make sure to choose a color palette that is contrasting, allowing your graphics to be easily viewed from a distance. While your favorite colors may be blue, black, and grey, consider adding some lighter, contrasting colors to make your graphics easy to read. 

Where Do You Want the Focus of the Graphic to Be?

When creating trade show graphics, you need to think about the general flow of the graphics and where you want the center of attention to be. Have a message that takes viewers from a logical starting point to the focus of the graphic. At first glance, what stands out on your graphic? This should be where you put your most important messaging. 

Design Effective Trade Show Graphics With L+L Printers

If you are in Southern California near Carlsbad or San Diego, or if you have an upcoming trade show or event in the area,  L+L Printers can help you produce effective graphics. We specialize in creating trade show graphics that are optimized to draw in new customers, clients, and leads. If you are interested in learning more about how to design effective trade show graphics or would like a quote on the cost of trade show graphics, contact L+L Printers today.


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