How to Create an Effective Marketing Brochure

If you are putting in the time and effort to design and print a marketing brochure, you want it to be effective. The last thing you want is to have your brochure go straight from the customer’s hands into the trash bin next to their desk. Rather, you should try to design an eye-catching brochure that is memorable and will be kept for future reference.


There are quite a few different elements that go into making an effective marketing brochure. If you’re unsure where to start, L+L Printers can help. L+L Printers is a printing company with locations in San Diego and Carlsbad, and we specialize in designing and printing high-quality marketing brochures. If you’re interested in learning more about marketing brochures, contact L+L Printers in San Diego by calling (858) 859-9044 or in Carlsbad by calling (760) 477-0321.

Make Sure to Identify Your Target Audience

You do not want to make a brochure without having a good idea of who your target audience is and what that audience wants. Identifying your target audience allows you to have a design goal so that you can create your marketing brochure accordingly. For example, a brochure aimed at a teenage boy would look much different than a brochure designed for an elderly woman. Try to determine what your target audience likes and connects to, and design your brochure so that they will be excited to see and engage with your brochure.

Make Your Brochure Aesthetically Pleasing

Brochures are above all a visual medium. If a brochure does not look good, no one is going to want to take one, let alone read the information presented or contact your business. Many companies feel compelled to pack their brochures with as much text as possible, hoping to give customers the information they need to make a purchasing decision.


However, more important than information is aesthetics, so make sure to make your brochures look attractive. That includes avoiding overcrowding the brochure with a ton of text and images and choosing a unifying color scheme.

Think About the Fold

Your brochure will likely have numerous folds, allowing you to get more images and information into a brochure that is not big in size and cumbersome to walk around with. You need to think hard about the way your brochure unfolds. This is essentially a storytelling device, as the fold of your brochure will determine how your potential customer will digest and interact with all of the marketing information presented. Consider creating a storyboard to determine the order you would like your brochure to be read, and then design the folds accordingly. 

Closely Edit and Review Your Copy

One of the best ways to quickly lose credibility with a customer is having a typo in your marketing materials. If your business cannot even be trusted to put in the time and effort to identify spelling and grammatical errors, why would a customer trust your products and services?


Along with editing your copy, you also need to make sure the copy is concise, convincing, and has a clear call to action. You should also check to see if your copy and images are working together to create a dynamic experience for potential customers that will lead to them contacting your company.

Use Only High-Resolution Images

If you use low-resolution images, your brochure will look cheap and unconvincing. Find crisp, clear, and interesting images that will look good in print. If your image is at all blurry or pixelated, opt for a different photo.

Consider Your Paper Stock

Finally, when it comes time to print your brochure you need to consider what paper stock and coating you want to use. Paper that is thicker, of heavier stock, and covered with a coating will be more durable and help to prevent smudging and tears. On the other hand, if you’re looking for something a little more temporary, thinner stock paper can be more cost effective.

Create an Effective Marketing Brochure With L+L Printers

L+L Printers have experience and expertise in printing effective, high-quality marketing brochures for a variety of different types of businesses. If you are interested in printing marketing brochures for your business, contact L+L Printers in San Diego and Carlsbad and we can help you make your brochure as effective as possible. If you’re interested in learning more about marketing brochures or would like a quote on the cost of printing, contact L+L Printers today.


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