How To Choose The Best Colors For Branding

The look and general aesthetic of your branding matters. The design choices you make when creating a logo and branding for your business can literally be the difference between success and failure. While the colors you choose to include in your branding may seem trivial, the decision actually has a huge impact on consumers. Research has shown that the visual appearance of a company’s branding can be a very powerful marketing tool, so it is essential that you choose the best colors for branding. 

What Does Each Color Mean?

The first step to determining the best colors for your business is to understand what each color means and the feelings associated with the color when used in branding. Below, you can find most of the prominent colors and the emotions associated with them.


Blue is a very relaxing color, making the customer feel calm and at ease. Blue is also associated with trust and reliability.


Green is usually used to distinguish that the company is eco-friendly and cares about the environment. However, green can also signify prestige and elite status.


Red is a vibrant color. It is strongly associated with love, romance, and passion. With that passion comes a hint of danger and energetic excitement.


Pink is usually considered a feminine color, used in products such as women’s makeup and clothing. Pink can also be associated with sentimentality and romance, as well as convey a youthful energy.


Yellow signifies a soul who is at play, taking in the world and enjoying each and every day. This is a color that makes one feel optimistic and hopeful.


Orange is usually used to signify freshness and vigor. If you are trying to show customers that your brand is adventurous and energetic, orange is a great color to use.


Purple has been traditionally associated with royalty, harkening back to ancient kings in plush purple capes. However, purple can also imbue a sense of mystery and an almost spiritual experience. 


White is meant to convey simplicity and purity, providing your brand with a minimalist aesthetic. White has been perhaps best used by Apple, showcasing how straightforward and clean their products usually are.


Black is the combination of all colors, and this mishmash of colors makes black a very versatile color. It can convey sophistication and elegance, but can also display grief and agony. 


Brown is usually meant to show that a product is “all-natural”, or “organic”, as it is a color that is usually associated with the earth and nature.

How to Choose the Best Color For Your Brand

Now that you know what all of the main colors signify, it is time to nail down which color works best for your brand. In order to do so, you need to identify and understand the message you want your brand to convey. What is the essence of your business? 

The best way to determine this is to make a list of the goals of your business and the audience who is best suited for your brand. Once you have done so, you can hopefully identify some personality traits that your brand will need in order to reach its goals and click with your target audience. Is your brand going to use humor and wit to sell itself to customers, or is a sophisticated and intellectual approach better suited to your target audience? Once you are able to narrow down your brand’s personality traits, you can find the colors that best represent these traits.

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