How Do You Promote a Food Truck?

Food trucks are on the rise. Over the last decade, there has been a surge in food truck popularity, with hungry customers looking far and wide for unique and delicious food. While the food truck craze has meant more business for mobile restaurant owners, it also means that there is more competition than ever before. That means that food truck owners need to do everything they can to spread the word, promoting their food truck to the hungry masses. So how do you promote a food truck?

1. Big, Bold Banners

The first step is printing a custom banner for your food truck. The banner needs to be big and bold so that it can be easily seen from afar. Many food trucks are hidden on corners or alleyways, so a giant banner allows the average passerby to see the sign and hopefully walk over and buy some food! You want your banner to clearly state the name of the business, have some branding and a logo, and ideally feature a picture of your specialty item.

2. Get Creative!

The key to success for any food truck is having amazing food. If you do not have great food, it does not matter how well you promote the food truck, because eventually people will catch on and stop coming. Once you have delicious food, the next step is thinking of a creative concept. You want your food truck to stand out, and the best way to do so is to have a food truck with a unique design and aesthetic.


For example, if you serve Hawaiian cuisine, consider having a luau-themed food truck. Your truck should have a fun name, the truck should be painted with bright colors and green leaves, and maybe you want to include some tiki torches to complete the luau vibe. If you have a unique and creative concept, you are more likely to pique the interest of hungry people walking by your truck.

3. Make Ordering and Paying Easy

Most people do not walk around with a bunch of cash in their pocket anymore. Nowadays, the average individual is usually only packing a smartphone and credit cards, and you need to make sure your food truck caters to this new reality. Offering your customers mobile ordering is a great way to streamline the ordering process, as well as allow customers to easily view your complete menu. When it comes time to pay, you should allow customers to pay on their phone, offer Apple pay, or at the very least accept credit cards. Every transaction with your food truck should be simple and easy!

4. Partner With Popular Local Businesses

One of the biggest benefits of a food truck is that it is mobile. You can pick and choose the very best locations for your roving restaurant, and oftentimes, a great strategy is to team up with a popular local business. If you can reach an agreement with a local business, you get some immediate built-in business. For example, you can partner with a business park to offer all of the surrounding offices a delicious lunch. Another great example is partnering with a local brewery or winery, offering food to pair with a pint of beer or a glass of wine. 

5. Get on Social Media

Most food trucks spread the word about their food through social media. Make sure you have an active social media presence, building a large following and consumer base in the process. Post daily photos of your food and location on Facebook, Instagram, and any other prominent social media. You also need to regularly update your Yelp and Google Maps page with new information and photos to keep your customers informed.

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