Holiday Cards – Why They Are Important



While it may seem like you were lying on the beach just a few days ago, it’s time to face the reality that the holidays are upon us. The holidays are a time to recognize those around you for how much you appreciate them, including your clients. Even if you have customer loyalty programs set up throughout the year, holiday cards stand out and keep your company fresh in your customers minds during the coming new year.

Email may seem like the most convenient and quick way to reach your customers, but it takes away the personal connection of receiving a card by direct mail. You want your client to feel like they are getting something special and out of the ordinary.

Try to make each card as personal as you can. Variable data can help you make sure each card is personalized to each recipient. Or you can even hand write and sign each card. The important part is making sure your customer doesn’t feel like you had an obligation to send them a card, but that you really wanted to.

Remember this card isn’t about advertising your company. These are your customers. Keep the huge logos and sales messages out of the card. Holiday Cards are your opportunity to say “hello” and “thank you” to your customers without asking them for anything in return.


Holiday Cards allow you to keep your business relations on a personal level. It’s much harder to say no to someone’s face then a logo. So include prospects and customers you may not always get to see to create that personal connection.

L+L Companies wants your print marketing to shine. Need inspiration to make your holiday cards stand out from the competition? Check out our twitter page for daily marketing tips. Here are a few examples…

  • Don’t be late! Holiday Cards that arrive on time show your commitment and ability to stay focused on your customer during the busy holiday season.


  • Don’t forget to update your client list before you send out holiday cards to ensure the right people get them.

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Green Tip of the Day
Don’t buy your holiday decorations, create your own. Throwing a holiday party at work? Have each employee compete in creating a decoration. Having small children over for the holidays? Set them to work cutting out snowflakes.



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