Hatch Outdoors Plier Boxes – Project Review

L+L Printers and Hatch Outdoors have been once again partnered to produce packaging for Hatch Outdoors’ ever-popular fishing pliers. Hatch is a local San Diego company known for its reliable fly fishing products and, like Hatch, we wanted to make sure that we produced the packaging to our high standards to match Hatch’s commitment to quality as well.

The packages are printed 4 color on C1S or something with glue tabs and such. Each box also has a uv or something coating for added rub resistance and stuff.

This project serves as an example to L+L’s mission to expand our services to match our markets. From packaging projects such as this, to fulfillment and installations, and back to our roots in quality offset print, we have the skills and equipment to produce all of your printing needs. Stay tuned for more examples of our work as well as informational post on a variety of print-related subjects!


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