Guide To Takeout & Laminated Restaurant Menu Printing

The quality of the menu can make or break a restaurant. If a restaurant has a menu that features overpriced or uninteresting food, potential diners may make a quick exit upon viewing it. However, beyond the menu’s food and beverage offerings, the actual quality of the menu itself can also be incredibly important. You want a laminated restaurant menu or takeout menu that promotes your brand, is easy to read, and looks great!

L+L Printers has over 60 years of experience with restaurant menu printing, and below you can see their guide on how to perfectly print a takeout or laminated restaurant menu.

Laminate Your Menu

If you work in a restaurant, you know how often customers spill drinks or drop food. That is why a laminated menu is the best way to protect your investment when designing a menu. Lamination allows you to easily clean off any liquid or leftovers that happens to make contact with your menu.

Create a Custom Design

Your menu is a chance to create an eye-popping design that will uniquely represent your brand and business. If you have some kind of theme or desired aesthetic for your restaurant, make sure the menu conveys a similar tone. For example, a bright and vibrant menu may be a great choice for a casual restaurant but could feel out of place in an elegant and formal dining room.

Choose Your Paper Wisely

What kind of menu do you want? Do you want just one large rectangular page, or a folding menu that has multiple different components? When making a decision, think about the best way to convey your dining options and whether you want to include images or not. Once you decide on the basic configuration of the menu, you then need to choose your preferred paper stock. This can be a difficult decision and you need to weigh a multitude of factors, so we suggest you consult an expert to help you make an informed decision.

Flush the Edge

Many laminate their menu without making any changes to the edges, and as a result, the plastic extends beyond the edge of the menu. You do not want to make your menu any larger than it needs to be, so you make sure to get rid of those edges. Trimming off the extra lamination is often called a flushed edge, and this results in a much more attractive menu.

Find a Printing Expert

If you have never designed a poster before, you need to find a printing expert to help you make these crucial design decisions. You need to find a team of printing professionals who are willing to collaborate with you in order to make your dream menu a reality!

Takeout and Laminated Restaurant Menu Printing in San Diego

L+L Printing has built a reputation as the best printing shop in San Diego, helping restaurants print the marketing materials they need to thrive. For over 60 years, L+L Printers have been printing high-quality menus for a wide variety of restaurants.

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