Graphic Design Basics For Non-Designers

Graphic Design Basics For Non-Designers by L+L Printers

If you are trying to market your business, a graphic designer is a necessity. A graphic designer will help you create eye-catching and informative images that will help sell your products to interested customers. Unfortunately, many small businesses cannot afford a graphic designer, forcing untrained employees to take a crash course in design and attempt to create high-quality graphics. If you are just getting started in graphic design, below you can find a few of the basics to help you get started.

Keep Your Colors Consistent

Before you get started, you should decide on your color palette. You want to identify 2-4 colors that are going to be used in all of your graphics, creating consistency in your designs that will help your customers better understand the branding associated with your company. It can be hard to decide on your color palette, but a good way to start is by identifying at least two contrasting colors for text and text boxes, and at least one accent color for outlines and other small flourishes.

Use Social Media Templates

If you are trying to market your business or brand, you need to have an active presence on a variety of social media platforms. Most social media platforms require different dimensions for graphics, and changing the size and shape of your graphics can be very irritating if you are not prepared. That is why we suggest using premade social media templates, allowing you to make sure you use the ideal size and shape for each platform.

Don’t Overcomplicate Things

An essential part of life is acknowledging what you can and cannot do. If you are just getting started in graphic design, you need to keep it simple and avoid overcomplicating things with intricate or detailed designs. Not only will a simple design better fit your skillset, but it will also prevent you from creating an overwhelming design that can be difficult for the average individual to understand. 

Be Intentional When Choosing Fonts

You need to be intentional when choosing your fonts and not use more than two different fonts in a graphic. Using more than two fonts can make your graphic look more like a ransom note than a professional marketing tool, so stick to two tried and true fonts. Also, choose fonts that best reflect your brand. If you want to exude professionalism, stick to a basic font. If you want a more playful vibe, maybe choose a softer font. You also need to take into account readability, making sure all of your text can be easily read.

Create Unity Amongst All of Your Graphics

You want to make sure all of the graphics you design feels like they are part of a unified set and give off a similar vibe or mood. Use similar colors, design choices, shapes, and fonts to create true unity amongst all of your graphics. This is a great way to help brand awareness!

Keep Everything Organized

When creating a graphic, you need to make sure you stay as organized as possible. Save every single file and design used in your graphic, organizing them in easy-to-navigate folders. Staying organized allows you to easily reuse old graphics or slightly manipulate them to suit new needs, which minimizes the amount of work you need to do.

Get Graphic Design Help From L+L Printers in San Diego

If you have little to no design experience, you might want to bring in a professional. If a graphic designer is too expensive, you might want to consider getting help from L+L Printers in San Diego. Not only do we offer high-quality and affordable printing, but we also can offer you assistance and guidance in designing effective marketing materials. To learn more about graphic design or to get a quote on the cost of a marketing plan from L+L Printers in San Diego, give us a call at (760) 477-0321.


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