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Enrollment Kits

Enrollment kits are the tool your business needs to strengthen and create brand loyalty. They contain a lot of information that needs to be easy to understand and presented in a compelling way. They are used by large multi-national corporations and mom-and-pop shops alike. Whether you need to print and distribute 100 or 1,000,000 enrollment kits, we have the resources and capabilities to help your business!

Here are some of the industries that we can print enrollment kits for:

Admission packets, dormitory reservations and financial aid submissions are just some of the many enrollment kits that a college or university would need to send out. L+L Printers can get these done for you so your students and prospective students always have the ability to provide you with the information you need.
Most people have signed up for a 401k or an IRA at some time during their life. Other people might sign up to trade stocks with your firm. Others still might sign up to become a member of your credit union. All of these enrollment kits and more can be handled by L+L Printers with ease.
Every type of insurance from home, auto, life to healthcare all need enrollment packets for their new customers. These packets can be extensive and complex. L+L Printers can handle the job no matter how complex it is. We will ensure your enrollments are successful with well-designed packets.
Many organizations that are not for profit have packets they send out to members or donors. These packets can provide more impact if they have donor-specific information and L+L Printers has the expertise to provide your donors this personal service.
As a small business, you might not have access to have larger insurance or financial institutions do enrollment kits for you. L+L Printers can help you create these kits even if you only need a small amount. From 401k programs to healthcare benefits to even flexible spending accounts we have you covered when it comes to creating those enrollment packages.