Direct Mail Marketing Ideas That Can’t Be Ignored

Over the last decade, direct mail marketing has developed a bad reputation. People dismiss the effectiveness of this marketing strategy, referring to mailers as “junk mail” and instead have chosen to focus on online and email campaigns. However, dismiss direct mail marketing at your own risk, because it has proven to be an incredibly effective marketing strategy for all types of businesses.

The key to a successful direct mail marketing campaign is to think outside the box. You need to do something to differentiate yourself from the “junk mail” consumers receive on a daily basis, and that is why we are providing you with these direct mail marketing ideas that can’t be ignored!

1. Provide an Additional Use for Your Mailer

One great way to make your mailer stand out is to provide your marketing information on a useful object or item. For example, send out a calendar or notepad with your business’s information on it. That way, even if the receiver does not care about your business, they at least may keep the calendar or notepad, and that could pay dividends for your brand down the road.

2. Give It Some Heft

If you see a hefty or lumpy envelope, your curiosity is instantly piqued. What could be in the envelope? Is it a stack of $100 bills? A key to a brand new car? An offer you can’t refuse? Regardless of what you actually put into the envelope, giving it a little bit of heft increases the chance that it is opened.

3. Advertise a Deal

People love deals. They search far and wide for deals, promos, savings, sales, and discounts. Therefore, whenever you send out a mailer, make sure it has some kind of value proposition to the consumer. Give them some incentive to learn more about your business, offering them some kind of limited-time deal.

4. Get Creative!

A standard mailer is just not going to cut it anymore. Get creative with the size, shape, and color of your mailer to get the receiver interested. Make your mailer stand out from the typical “junk mail” people get on an everyday basis.

5. Make the Address on the Envelope Look Handwritten

People hate getting junk mail, but love getting personal letters. It is a strange dichotomy, but one that you can take advantage of by making your direct mail marketing campaign look as if it is a handwritten letter. To do so, either handwrite the address on the envelope or choose a font that looks handwritten, and make sure to include a stamp as well. That way, when the mailer arrives the receiver will feel a surge of excitement and assume it is a personal letter from an acquaintance.

6. Partner With Another Brand

Make your mailer extra valuable by partnering up with another brand to increase the value of your offer. For example, if you run a car wash, partner up with a tire repair shop and create a combination mailer that offers a car wash and tire rotation deal. By partnering up with another brand, you are increasing the value and reach of your mailer.

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