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Digital Printing

Digital printing gives brand owners the ability to increase sell-through rates with different, compelling graphics. It enables mid-tier firms to compete more effectively on the shelf with high-quality, full-color graphics they might otherwise find too expensive to print using offset printing. Our Project Managers can work with you to find the best digital printing choice for your specific project and budget.

L+L Printers provides an array of digital printing services to meet client needs, including:

Any information you have in your customer database can be used in Variable Data Printing (VDP). The power of VDP is to personalize your message to your recipient. You can include names and addresses or even specific promotions, coupons, or QR codes, each specific to the recipient. Even recipient-specific images can be added to your printed product. Variable Data Printing allows for a higher return on investment. Typical response rates for VDP campaigns range from over 3% for direct sales to over 7% for fundraising campaigns. VDP campaigns provide, on average, a 1.5 times greater response than static campaigns.
With our two HP Indigo 10000 6-color digital presses, we offer not only process color but also specialized printing applications such as white ink, spot DigiMatte varnish and PMS spot colors. L+L Printers will help you determine which specialized printing application will fit your needs and budget in the best possible way.
Every day you and your customers are exposed to every type of marketing imaginable. With so much information out there you need a way to stand out from the competition. Using the power of Variable Data Printing allows for a personalized, packaging solution, specific to an individual or event. L+L Printers can create custom or unique packaging solutions that will help your brand to stand out in today’s competitive markets. The custom packaging solutions we provide will create greater customer interactions and brand awareness. Providing materials that speak to your customers on a personal level will increase the chance of repeat business. L+L Printers strives to provide many customization options to packaging solutions to create a higher return on your investment.