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Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management is an essential aspect of running any successful business. In a nutshell it means providing a positive and rewarding relationship with your customers and even with your prospects. This can mean vastly different things to different businesses and industries, but one thing remains the same – keep your customers happy and they’ll keep you happy.

The Digital Marketing Team at L+L Printers assists businesses in keeping their customers happy by providing them with a comprehensive hosted CRM Program. We do this by aggregating, analyzing and importing all your prospect and customer data, then designing the best processes to utilize that data to its best revenue earning potential. A lot of what can help your business grow and increase efficiency is already within your business. It is our job to find that potential and put it to work for you.

Three areas L+L Printers CRM can impact your business are:


Our CRM sales software provides your company with an array of tools to manage the entire sales process. It manages your lead data from initial lead qualification to opportunity management to forecasting and to eventually deal closure.


We provide for you the ability to track campaigns over various channels, such as email, traditional mail, search, and social media with our Marketing CRM software. We’ll get your message out to the people most ready to receive it.

Customer Service

L+L Printers aids your Customer Service department by providing software that gives your customer service representatives all the information they need to give your customers the best possible service every time they call your business.

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