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The city of San Diego plays host to conventions of all sizes and shapes year round due to the outstanding weather and great facilities we have here in southern California. L+L Printers can handle all of your convention printing needs when you and your company are in San Diego. All in one company you can get everything from design to printing to delivery straight to your hotel or convention center.

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An example of some of the conventions we serve are:

Comic Con

The notoriety of Comic Con speaks for itself. Being based around comic books, the importance of your visual materials are paramount. The art in comic books is vibrant and eye-catching. At L+L Printers we make your print products such as signs, brochures, and flyers all live up to this high-quality visual standard. Our goal is to make you and your product the real superhero of Comic Con!

Casino Conventions

As more and more casinos grow and new ones are built, the more competitive the industry becomes. Your booth displaying your products must WOW your customers. At L+L Printers we use the latest print technologies and the highest quality materials to make sure your displays and brochures are like the best slot machine on the floor and attract the most attention!

BioTech Conventions

The BioTech industry is growing by leaps and bounds every day. When you are promoting your product or service at the latest BioTech convention you need the very best quality materials to attract attention to your booth. At L+L Printers we want your presentation materials to be as innovative as your product is, conveying the best message to the BioTech world. Let our highly skilled employees show you how our innovative printing techniques will let you outshine your competition at the next BioTech convention!

Education Conventions

The landscape of education is changing as educators and administrators are increasingly incorporating technology and researching new ways to effectively improve learning. To keep on the cutting edge your materials and imagery need to look state-of-the-art. Everything needs to create interest and be engaging. We can accomplish this for you at L+L Printers with our own state-of-the-art digital and offset equipment providing you outstanding materials at budget-saving prices.

Environmental Conventions

Preservation and conservation of the environment are important issues today. More and more companies are looking to incorporate environmental measures in their processes and practices. When you are sharing how your product, service or process can help the environment your materials still need to be of the highest quality but also be environmentally friendly themselves. At L+L Printers we understand these issues and have the capabilities to provide you with outstanding green products. We even have our own environmental initiative called

Medical Conventions

Medical care is constantly changing and improving with technology. New research is being done every day. When you arrive at your booth you need to have the peace of mind that comes with knowing your signs, posters, brochures, and flyers all present your groundbreaking medical product or process in the most vibrant and interesting manner. We can give you this peace of mind here at L+L Printers when our expert staff helps design and produce excellent print materials at the best prices.

Your materials will be printed in our conveniently located facility.  We have high-quality Digital and Offset presses to meet every need, big or small.

Since 1959, not only has L+L Printers been known for our excellent customer service and quality, but we are also continually on the cutting edge of print and marketing technology. Let us show you why L+L Printers is the convention printing choice for you!

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