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Casino & Gaming Printing

Casino & Gaming Printing


Are you looking to better use your player’s club data to increase return visits to your casino or gaming establishment? If so, L+L Printers is your choice for the job. Our experts in data-driven and direct mail printing will have your player’s club members coming back in droves.

Every one of your patrons chooses your casino because of the excellent entertainment value your venue provides. Each one of them has differing patterns of the various ways to be entertained at your casino. Some come for the slots, others for the blackjack. Some might enjoy your buffets, while others enjoy live entertainment. Whatever they are coming for you have the information on what they enjoy. We can take your players club data and refine it to create the perfect mailers to target each person’s interests. Every time they receive your stunning flyer in the mail they will feel there is something at your casino that is just what they need to attend; from a new show to an intriguing poker tournament.

How we accomplish this task for you is by using our Data-Driven and Direct Mail capabilities. Our Data-Driven printing will use your player’s club data to populate each member’s mailer with specific entertainment and gaming options targeted to their habits. This can even include specific QR Codes to access the offer on their smartphones. Our Direct Mail experts give you the best possible design that will be attention-getting while ensuring the pieces are compliant with 2014 USPS standards. On top of that, as a full-service certified provider, L+L Printers is able to achieve the highest discounts the USPS offers.

We also have our 4D Suite capabilities to increase your efficiency and effectiveness. Doc4D takes normal document software and adds a new dimension to it. Data4D enables enhanced data management to go along with the document composition. Our skilled programmers are capable of creating dynamic software applications, customized to your casino’s unique needs.

At L+L our highly skilled employees look forward to working with you to create the perfect materials to send out to your loyal player’s club members that will keep them coming back time after time for their casino and gaming entertainment.

Value: Data quality and deliverability is the key to any successful mailing. We will: delete costly duplicate addresses, make sure all addresses are 100% deliverable, eliminate old or non-existent addresses, update your list with the new change of address information, correct address format errors, and qualify for maximum postage discounts. Just click the Request A Quote button above and mention you want to take advantage of this great offer.

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