Branding Part 2: Defining Factors


In our last blog post we talked about what a brand is. In continuing our series on establishing a solid brand, this week we look at the defining factors of what make up a brand.

1. The Brand offer

At the basic level your brand is offering your customers something. While on the surface this is a product or service your brand should go deeper than that to also offer a feeling or emotional connection. Defining what you want to offer with the idea of what your customers want to receive is the stepping stone to a solid brand strategy.

What brands first come to mind when you start thinking about brand strategy. Think about why these brands are the first you recognize. Do you buy coke simply because it is a great product or because of the emotional connection you feel to events and memories associated with the product?


2. The Customer is always right

The debate on if the customer really is or sometimes isn’t right has be argued time and time again. But one thing is for sure, if your customers are perceiving your brand in a different light than what you are trying to perceive, they are right.

Talk to your customers, ask them how they see your company and your brand. Are you both on the same page? Do they see something that you do not? Is there something you need to work on to get them to see? Your brands growth is in the hands of your customers, make sure it is going in the direction you want it to. 

3. Who are you?

It’s best to look at your brand as a living representation of your company. What is this living thing like? What is its personality? How does it interact with customers? With other employees?  What does it look like?

Your future customers will see and respond to who your brand is before they even meet and find out who you are. What do you want them to see? 

4. Put it on paper

The tangible elements of your brand deserve lots of thought and consideration, from your logo to your colors, these are the images that will be in your customers face when it comes to your brand. These elements must be consistent and work together to communicate your offer, how you are perceived, and define who you are.


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