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At L+L Companies our motto is, “never a drop in quality.” We strive to bring you the highest quality result no matter what your print job may be. Keeping this in mind L+L Printers stands out from the other guys with our HP Indigo digital presses. Our HP Indigo presses not only stand out for

Starting up a direct mail campaign can be an exciting and overwhelming process. You may be eager to design the look, struggling to find a catchy phrase, or looking for just the right thing to catch attention and make your campaign successful, but where do you start? What do you focus on? Which elements really

Every company is all about being environmentally conscience today and what better way to green up your company’s marketing than by using print? Print often gets a bad reputation with people encouraging you to abandon print materials for online mediums such as email and social media. But did you know that spam emails use the

Hey everyone, We are proud to announce – we have our first YouTube video up and rolling. If you ever wanted a behind the scenes look at L+L, but haven’t been able to get in for a tour yet, take a look at this video. With interviews from a few key players, an overview of

In our last blog post we talked about what a brand is. In continuing our series on establishing a solid brand, this week we look at the defining factors of what make up a brand. 1. The Brand offer At the basic level your brand is offering your customers something. While on the surface this

What do you think of when you hear the term brand? Does a particular company come to mind? What is it that makes that brand memorable to you? A brand is considered by the American Marketing Association, as a “name, term, sign, symbol or design, or a combination of them intended to identify the goods

In round one I tackled the printers meaning of words like bleeds and traps. You now know that bleeds can refer to something less gory than a horror movie, and traps can be used for more than catching animals. Thanks to requests for definitions to even more strange words of print – it’s time to

PALO ALTO, CA—May 7, 2014—HP today announced that L+L Companies installed an HP Indigo 10000 digital press to offer its customers larger-format, high-quality digital printing with variable data and increased production efficiency. Building on its 55-year history in traditional printing, San Diego-based L+L Companies is aggressively expanding its digital printing capabilities with its HP Indigo

Print allows you to get into the hands and homes of new and current clients giving them a welcomed break from all the social media and digital marketing they see every day. But before you send out that mailer make sure you are prepared to measure the results of your campaign. Sales The most obvious

Print is full of all sorts of interesting words that can seem downright weird when you are new to the field. In order to make things a little simpler we have taken the liberty of defining a few of them for you. Stock: Not the kind you use to make soup, but with just as