6 Ways Car Dealerships Can Get New Customers Through the Door

For any sales company, getting a customer to walk through the door is half the battle. This is especially true for car dealerships, which are eager to attract potential buyers into their showrooms. If you run a car dealership, there are several creative and exciting ways to bring in customers. Below, the marketing experts at L+L Printers in San Diego list five ways car dealerships can attract new customers. We offer design and printing services for the automotive industry to help you implement these strategies effectively.

1. Eye-Catching Brochures

A brochure is a great way to get customers to come into a car dealership, as a brochure allows you to share a ton of information and deals in a relatively small product. A high-quality brochure can help compel customers to make a purchase, listing the available features on your best cars and amazing sales you are currently running.

2. Bold Banners and Signs

Custom banners and signs can quickly get people into your dealership. Print out bold signs that clearly convey sales or other deals you are currently offering. Banners and signs are a great way to attract foot traffic passing by your dealership by imploring them to come inside to learn more.

3. Posters and Flyers

Carefully posted flyers and posters around town can be a great way to lure people into your car dealership. Create posters and flyers that are dynamic and graphically appealing, showcasing your best inventory and deals.

4. Mailers

Mail potential customers great offers and sales. Collect mailing addresses from potential customers through online forms or newsletters, and then put those addresses to work by sending out mailers. You can send a postcard, flyer, or other products to potentially interested individuals.

5. Window Decals

If you sell a car, ask the customer to continue to advertise your product with custom window decals, These decals can explain to other people in traffic where the car was purchased, which will hopefully convince them to stop by as well!

6. Other Branded Items

You want your dealership to constantly be on the tip of the tongue of potential customers. That is why it may be a good idea to give out free branded products. Pass out free pens, mousepads, water bottles, and other items with your logo and contact information on them. That way, every time they write down a note, click on their mouse, or take a sip of water, they are reminded of their excellent experience with your company.

Print Car Dealership Marketing Materials at L+L Printers in San Diego

If you run a car dealership, you want to do everything you can to get interested individuals through the door. There are a number of different marketing materials that can help you accomplish this goal, and the team at L+L Printers can help you decide the best choice for your needs. To learn more about designing car dealership marketing materials or to get a quote on the cost of printing, contact L+L Printers today by calling (858) 859-9044 for our San Diego office or (760) 477-0321 for our Carlsbad office.


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