6 Tips For Making Direct Mail Coupons More Effective

6 Tips For Making Direct Mail Coupons More Effective by L+L Printers

One of the best ways to attract a new customer is with direct mail coupons. Everyone likes discounts and coupons, so what better way to convince someone to try your product than sending a great deal right to their doorstep? While some may see direct mail marketing as a thing of the past, many have found direct mail coupons to be more effective than any digital marketing strategy. So how can you make your direct mail coupons as effective as possible? 

1. Bold and Bright Design

You want to immediately catch the attention of your customers. Have a bright and bold design on your direct mail coupon so that the second it is retrieved from the mailbox, the potential customer’s eyes are immediately drawn to the coupon. Getting the customer’s attention is half the battle, so make your mailer stand out.

2. Make the Coupon Easy to Retrieve

Make using the coupon as simple and straightforward as possible. Do not make the coupon require scissors. Instead, have perforated edges or a simple and small coupon that is easy to retrieve and store.

3. Add an Expiration Date

You need to create a sense of urgency for the customer. Too often, coupons are thrown in a junk drawer somewhere and forgotten forever. That is why you need an expiration date that occurs sometime in the near future. Choosing the perfect date is an art form. You want to make sure the potential customer has ample time to make a purchase, but at the same time, you need to create a need to use it soon. In most cases, an expiration date should be 1 to 2 months away from the date the customer receives the coupon.

4. Include a Promo Code for Online Purchases

Many people do the majority of their shopping online, so a paper coupon might not be enough of an incentive to make a purchase. That is why you should include both a coupon and a promo code, allowing the customer to enter the promo code online in order to receive the discount.

5. Include a QR Code

QR codes are suddenly ubiquitous, so take advantage of this newfound familiarity with the technology by including a QR code on your direct mail coupon. All the potential customer needs to do is scan the QR code and they will instantly be taken to a landing page with more details on the discount, as well as purchasing options. Take out any chance for error with a QR code.

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