6 Tips For Commercial Canvas Printing

It is important for any commercial space to establish a good customer experience. That can mean hiring friendly staff, having a clean store, or decorating the space in a pleasing manner. One way to enhance the customer experience is to have fun and attractive art sprinkled throughout the space. An interesting and aesthetically pleasing option to spruce up your space is printing on canvas. Canvas gives photos or artwork a unique appearance that can really make your space stand out! If you are not sure how to print on canvas, below you can find 6 tips for commercial canvas printing.

1. Only Use High-Quality Images

If you are going to digitally print an image on canvas, you need to make sure the image is high-quality and incredibly large. If the image is not large enough, it will print poorly and the image will be pixelated. Make sure to check with your printer that your photo is large enough before printing on canvas.

2. Choose a Custom Size Based on the Location

Since you are essentially commissioning your own work of art, you need to think about exactly what you want. Choose where in your commercial space you will be hanging the canvas, and then get measuring tape out and find the ideal dimensions for your canvas print. Attention to detail early on will pay dividends when you receive the perfect canvas for your space.

3. Pair Multiple Canvas Prints Next to Eachother

The edges of a canvas print mean that they look really good next to other prints, especially when the other canvas prints are different sizes. Try placing three different-sized canvas prints in a row to create your desired aesthetic. Some even prefer to split up one large image across several different canvases, creating a fun and funky addition to any space.

4. Horizontal or Vertical?

How will you be hanging your print? Will it be hanging vertically or horizontally? This is another situation in which planning ahead can really increase the odds that you print a canvas you love.

5. Consider How All of the Canvases Interact

Many commercial spaces have an overriding theme for the entire location. If that is the case, you need to make sure all of your canvas prints compliment each other and create an inviting atmosphere. Even if you do not have a theme, make sure none of the prints awkwardly stand out from the pack.

6. Pay for Higher Quality

You can likely find some online stores that offer incredibly cheap custom canvas prints. However, do not sacrifice quality for a lower price. If you are putting time, thought, and effort into choosing your canvases, you should hope to have them in your commercial space for a long time. That is why you should only trust respected printers who offer consistently high-quality products.

Commercial Canvas Printing at L+L Printers in San Diego

If you are looking to spruce up your commercial space with canvas prints, L+L Printers can help. L+L can take an image and turn it into a beautiful work of art, using high-quality materials and experienced printing experts to give you exactly what you want! We pride ourselves on partnering with our customers and working together to make sure we create the best products possible.

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