6 Real Estate Marketing Print Products To Close The Deal

6 Real Estate Marketing Print Products To Close The Deal by L+L Printers

In real estate, it is imperative to close the deal. In order to do so, you need to use every single tool at your disposal to lock down a sale. One of the best tools you can use is real estate marketing print products. These products can not only help spread the word about your business, but they can also build customer confidence and loyalty. Below, we outline six real estate marketing print products to close the deal.

1. Business Cards

Business cards may seem like a no-brainer, but many real estate agents do not carry a professional business card. Not only does a business card give you a sense of authority and legitimacy, but they also make it simple and easy to reach out to potential new customers. If you run into someone who is interested in buying or selling a house, simply hand them your business card so they can seamlessly contact you.

2. Open House Banners

When it comes to open houses, it is important to spread the word. You want as many people as possible to know that you are hosting an open house because you never know where a potential buyer may be hiding. Print big and bold banners to attract eyeballs and advertise your open house.

3. Brochures

Showcase everything a property has to offer with a beautiful brochure. A brochure can quickly explore the entirety of a property, from the backyard to the bathroom. Mail your brochures to interested parties, providing clear contact information so they can follow up with you.

4. Booklets

List all of your current properties in a comprehensive booklet. This allows you to appeal to a variety of different buyers, regardless of whether they are looking for a studio apartment or a two-story family home. We suggest printing in color, even though it may cost a bit extra. Color can really help the houses pop!

5. Lawn Signs

If you have a house on the market or you have recently sold a home, flaunt the property with a lawn sign. A lawn sign is a quick and easy way to spread your name throughout the community, showing neighbors that you are a real estate agent that can be trusted!

6. Calendars and Notepads

Custom printing calendars and notepads with your contact information on them is a great way to attract new clients. Everyone needs and uses calendars and notepads, so provide them with what they need for free. In return, every time they look at the calendar or take a note, they will see your name and contact information. 

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If you are trying to close a deal, you need every single advantage you can muster. L+L Printers can help you finalize the sale by providing you with enticing and exciting marketing materials. We can custom print a variety of different marketing materials, including brochures, banners, business cards, and more. To learn more about real estate marketing materials or for a quote on the cost of printing, contact L+L Printers in San Diego today by calling (760) 477-0321.


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