6 Best Event Signage Ideas

Are you planning on throwing a big event soon? If so, one of the best investments you can make is in event signage. Event signage is a great way to easily convey important information to your guests, making the experience as simple and easy as possible for all attendees. Event signage is also a great opportunity for branding and marketing, as well as offering the possibility of making some money with sponsorship opportunities. 

However, you do not want boring, run-of-the-mill signage at your event. Instead, you want creative and engaging signage that will draw eyeballs and attention. Below, you can learn more about 6 of the best event signage ideas, featuring outside-the-box ideas that are sure to make your event a memorable one.

1. Balloon Signage

One great way to make a sign unforgettable is to have balloon lettering. Balloons bring a celebratory and festive feel to any event. On top of that, the fact that balloons move and sway in the breeze can make them very hard to ignore!

2. Custom Wraps

A vehicle wrap allows you to put custom signage on any car or truck, creating a moving vinyl billboard. While wraps are mostly used solely on vehicles, they can be placed on pretty much anything! Consider creating a custom vinyl wrap for a number of different surfaces, including walls, staircases, doors, and more!

3. Photo Booth Signage

 A photo booth is a fun addition to any event. Provide some fun costumes and props, a high-quality camera, and you are ready to rock! An added perk of the photo booth is it is a great place to have some custom signage that advertises your brand. Make the photo booth background a sign that markets your company, and you have created an advertisement that will last.

4. Use Props as a Sign

If your party has a theme, a great place to convey needed information is on a prop. For example, if you are doing a party with a “Western” theme, you might want to have a sign that looks like a cactus or a horse. Therefore, the sign adds to the aesthetic of your event rather than detracting from it. 

5. Oversized Banners

Custom banners are an easy way to catch the attention of any passerby. Get an oversized banner and hang it high above the heads of everyone at the event, and you are guaranteed to attract some eyeballs. A banner is simple and easy to print and hang and can pay big dividends down the road.

6. Floor Graphics

Make your event look great from head to toe with custom floor graphics and decals. You can print floor graphics that feature instructions, branding, or other information. Best of all, these signs are unobtrusive and easily blend into their surroundings.

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