5 Marketing Essentials for Your Next Event

One of the best ways to introduce your brand and services to a whole new group of potential future customers is by showcasing your business at an event. An event gives you the unique opportunity to speak directly with new customers, answering any questions they may have while also creating a customized proposal to best suit their individual needs.

If you and your business want to set up a booth at an event convention, there are a few marketing essentials that you will need in order to attract and convert new customers. Below, we explain the 5 marketing essentials you’ll need for your next event.

1. Create a Booth That Stands Out

If you are at a popular event convention with thousands of people and hundreds of vendors, you need to make sure your booth stands out. The best way to do so is by creating a professional-looking stand that features plenty of well-designed and eye-catching marketing materials. Make sure to design several large banners, posters, signs, and other materials to make sure potential customers can immediately identify both your brand name and the services you offer.

2. Offer Passerbys Some Kind of Branded Giveaway

People love free stuff. No matter how small the item may be, you will want to have something to give to anyone who stops by your booth. Some popular ideas for a branded giveaway include magnets, stickers, pens, exercise equipment, or a bottle opener. The idea is that by giving someone a branded item, they will have a tangible reminder to re-engage with your brand when they are ready to make a purchase.

3. Create Branded Apparel for Employees Working the Booth

Part of looking professional is that any employee working your booth should be wearing branded and matching apparel. Even if your employees usually do not wear any kind of uniform to work, having everyone working the booth wearing the same clothing sends a message of unity and organization. Also, by printing branded apparel with your company’s logo, you are giving potential customers another opportunity to interact with your brand so they do not forget the name of your company!

4. Hand Out Business Cards

Anyone you have a meaningful interaction with at an event should not walk away from your brand’s booth without a business card. These interactions don’t have much value unless you give the customer an action item or next step to follow up with you. By providing customers with a business card, you provide them with the information they need to ask more questions and potentially make a purchase.

5. Be Intentional About the Design of Your Booth

Your booth should be more than just a place to display information. Your booth should be a valuable and lasting customer experience. You need to think about the way potential customers will interact with your booth, giving them a clear order of operations when visiting your booth so they do not skip a step that provides crucial information. You also want to provide customers with ample room to explore your offerings without feeling crowded or boxed in. The goal is that each individual who walks up to your booth has a unique and positive experience, and that requires you to make design decisions to optimize how customers interact with your display.

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