5 Cannabis Dispensary Advertising Ideas

The legalization of recreational marijuana in many states has completely changed the cannabis industry. What was once a niche industry that mostly operated in the shadows has become a retail giant, pulling in billions of dollars in revenue each year. That means the industry is also becoming more and more competitive, and this increased competition means that unique marketing strategies are a necessity for any brand trying to find success. If you work for a cannabis dispensary, consider implementing the following advertising ideas to increase your customer base and sales.

1. Consider Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you pay a commission to an external website for sending traffic or sales your way. This is a great advertising strategy for cannabis, as you can target specific audiences through their affiliation with brands or influencers. Here are a few great examples:

  • Provide a coupon code to save money on your product to a podcast that discusses cannabis.
  • Provide a referral link to an online TikTok or Instagram cannabis influencer.
  • Find a lifestyle brand that appeals to cannabis users and post a referral link on their website. 
  • Join an affiliate network to identify potential affiliate marketing opportunities

2. Post on Popular Cannabis Pages on Social Media

A great free marketing strategy is to post links to your product or content on well-known cannabis Facebook pages. Facebook groups and pages are a great hub for cannabis enthusiasts to congregate and share ideas, making it the ideal place to find potential customers. Do some research and find popular Facebook groups for cannabis users, and then compose a short and sweet post that will entice them to click on the attached link.

3. Stock Dispensary Vending Machines

Many cannabis dispensaries have started offering vending machines that distribute cannabis products and paraphernalia. Individuals who visit a cannabis dispensary see these vending machines as fun and cool, leading them to use the vending machine in order to enjoy the novelty of the experience. Therefore, make it a priority to stock these vending machines with your product. That way, they hopefully buy your product, try it, and become a lifelong customer!

4. Make Sure You Are Listed in Online Cannabis Directories

There are a number of new online cannabis directories that aim to list all businesses that sell cannabis products. Make sure your product or storefront is listed in these directories. Not only does this help interested customers find your brand, but it also helps your website’s SEO.

5. Create Custom Signs and Banners

Last but not least, use some old-fashioned marketing strategies by printing custom signs and banners. While online marketing can be very effective, few strategies can compare to a well-placed and expertly designed sign or banner. You want your sign to be eye-catching, easy to understand and have a clear call to action. You also need to be strategic in terms of where you place signs and banners, as you need to place the sign near your target audience and ideal customer base.

Cannabis Dispensary Marketing at L+L Printers in San Diego

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