5 Actionable Marketing Goals For 2022

5 Actionable Marketing Goals For 2022 by L+L Printers

The key for any New Year’s Resolution is to make it actionable. You do not want to have some crazy, unachievable resolution that would only be possible through some kind of act of God. Instead, it is important to break your resolutions up into small chunks so you can easily and realistically achieve them.

The same goes for marketing goals. If you have grand aspirations for your business in 2022, instead of shooting for the moon you instead should have actionable marketing goals that can be realistically completed. Below, you can find 5 actionable marketing goals your business or brand can achieve in 2022.

1. Set a Social Media Engagement Goal

A great way to grow your brand is by getting followers and engagement on social media. Now you are not going to turn your social media presence into a behemoth overnight, but you can set some reasonable goals for yourself that will increase your following. All it takes is putting some time and effort into following the latest trends, understanding your audience, and producing great content.

2. Create More Content

Content creation is one of the best marketing tools you can possibly invest in. Whether it be blog posts, videos, or some other form of media, content can help increase your SEO presence and attract new and interested individuals. Set a realistic goal for your content, whether it be a number of blog posts per month or some other type of metric.

3. Boost Your Mailing List

Direct mail marketing is still a great tool to increase sales and customer engagement. However, a mailer is only as powerful as your mailing list. If your mailing list is looking a little thin, make it a goal in 2022 to add potentially interested customers to your mailing list.

4. Posters and Banners

Does your business print marketing posters and banners? If not, you may be missing out on a ton of potential revenue and customers. Posters and banners, if strategically placed, can attract a lot of eyeballs towards your brand. While this strategy might not work for every type of business, for many, a poster campaign can lead to a huge boost in sales.

5. Collect More Data and Analytics

You can create the world’s best marketing plan, but it will not produce the results you desire unless you have the data you need to create a targeted marketing plan. In order to market smarter, you should always be collecting data and analytics, allowing you to see which marketing strategies are and are not successful. Once you have collected more data, you can decide the best way to reach your target audience.

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If you are looking to take your marketing plan to the next level in 2022, L+L Printers in San Diego can help. We specialize in developing actionable marketing goals that your business can realistically achieve and then doing everything necessary to make sure they are successful. Not only do we specialize in printing high-quality mailers, posters, and banners, but we also can offer expert marketing advice and help you strategize the best plan possible. To get started, contact L+L Printers in San Diego today by calling (760) 477-0321.


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