4 Reasons You Should Still Be Handing Out Business Cards

Over the last few decades, the world has drastically changed. The internet, smartphones, and other new technological innovations have revolutionized our everyday lives, leading to many old norms and customs slowly being phased. Some have been quick to say that business cards are no longer necessary or meaningful in modern society, but that is far from the truth. Business cards still have a ton of value, even in the world dominated by social media and online marketing. 

L+L Printers has been printing business cards in San Diego for over 60 years, and below we outline the four reasons you should still be handing out business cards. If you are interested in learning more or printing business cards, give us a call at (858) 859-9044 for our San Diego office or (760) 477-0321 for our Carlsbad office.

1. Business Cards Give You Credibility as a Professional

It is easy to claim that you own a business. All you need to do is say it, and the average individual may assume it is true. However, if you are trying to make meaningful business contacts, you want to make sure they take you seriously. A great way to have instant credibility is with a business card. That lets your audience know this is your profession and you take it very seriously. This is not some “side hustle” or ambitious goal. You have invested time, thought, and money into building your brand, and you deserve to be taken seriously. 

2. Let Them Know You Care

There is something so impersonal about email. Instead of just having someone email you to get in touch, give them your business card so they have multiple avenues to contact you. Provide them with a business card that features an email address, website, business address, and one or more phone numbers. That way, your potential contact knows that you are excited and eager to hear from them, and want to give them every opportunity to get in touch with you.

3. Create a Physical Reminder to Get in Touch With You

We all have a lot on our minds. The combination of our personal and professional lives can lead to a swirling inferno of thoughts and tasks to accomplish, and it is easy for items to get lost in the storm. A business card creates a physical reminder to get in touch with you, and whenever they see the card they are reminded of their encounter with you and your brand. Regardless of whether they put the business card in their pocket, wallet, or just throw it on a table in their house, they will one day stumble upon the card and instantly be reminded to give you a call.

4. Business Cards Can Provide Strong Brand Messaging

Pay strict attention to your business card design choices, as this is your opportunity to introduce potential customers to your brand. A business card can convey a lot about the core values of your brand and business, both in terms of the way the card is designed and the text that is featured on it. If expertly executed, you can introduce a new acquaintance to both you and your brand in just one small card, creating a positive first impression that will hopefully lead to a long-lasting professional relationship. 

Design and Print Business Cards at L+L Printers in San Diego

No matter how much the world has evolved and changed, business cards still remain an essential part of building relationships and attracting new customers. If you do not have business cards printed and ready to go, you risk losing credibility and not being taken seriously. 

L+L Printers specialize in both designing and printing business cards, and we are experts at helping businesses develop strong brand awareness and make a great first impression. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of business cards or would like to start a custom design, contact L+L Printers today by calling (858) 859-9044 for our San Diego office or (760) 477-0321 for our Carlsbad office.



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