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ILT is the green initiative that L+L Printers launched in 2009 in an effort to raise and promote environmental awareness.

Our mission is to be the premier resource for educating and empowering businesses and individuals to enact change in their communities. By focusing on “the little things”, together we can leave behind a cleaner and more vibrant planet.

Through iLuvTrees You Can:

  • Submit your own green tips
  • Find tips on living greener, both at work and at home
  • Educate yourself on the environmental impact of your business and home life
Forest Stewardship Council or FSC® (FSC-C006076) was established as a response to concerns over global deforestation. FSC applies the directive of its membership to develop forest management and chain of custody standards, deliver trademark assurance and provide accreditation services to a global network of committed businesses, organizations and communities.

FSC certification provides a credible link responsible for the production and consumption of forest products. It enables consumers and businesses to make purchasing decisions that benefit people and the environment as well as providing ongoing business value. FSC paper available by request. Ask about our FSC® products.

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We use biodegradable soy and vegetable based inks. The benefit of using these inks is that they do not release Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs).
L+L Printers has reduced VOCs well below required standards for San Diego and LA County in an effort to improve our environmental impact.
L+L Printers uses the Best Available Control Technology (BACT) for low VOC, alcohol free solution to meet and exceed all county, state and federal compliances.
FLOCLEAR FOUNTAIN SOLUTION RECYCLING SYSTEM FloClear constantly re-circulates fountain solution through a multi-stage filtration system that separates all of the contaminants out of the solution while leaving all critical ingredients in. This system allows us to use the same fountain solution for 2-4 months, thus reducing our impact on the environment.
COMPUTER-TO-PLATE (CTP) SETTERS CTP eliminates the need for film, which contains silver and mercury components.
L+L Printers is recognized by Unisource Worldwide as a member of the Respect Printers Program.
To become a partner, companies must meet Sony’s strict requirements on avoidance of hazardous substances and can provide proof in an audit.

L&LPrinters_HomepageImages10We offset 100% of our facility’s carbon footprint with renewable wind energy credits.
By purchasing RECs, we offset our impact on the environment and support the development of wind energy around the world.

We are environmentally committed!

  • Paper – We recycle all office and production paper waste.
  • Plates – We recycle all our used aluminum press plates.
  • Ink – We recycle all our unused ink.
  • We print on a variety of recycled and FSC certified papers.